Terms of Use
Welcome joining EverBlue member. All the users applying for this account shall read the terms of use carefully before application. The purpose of terms of use is to protect the rights of all the users and website administrators and the terms of use explains the contractual agreement between users and website administrators. Upon the completion of the registration process, you will be deemed to have noticed and agreed all the terms of use.

Notification and maintenance obligation of member password

1. Individual password and account of membership can not be register repeatedly.
2. Password associated with your membership shall not be shared by you with anyone for any usage. All the behaviors after membership access by using single membership account and password will be considered as the behavior of the member and password owner.
3. Users agree to provide accurate and complete information about yourself when registering, and to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password. Upon any breach, EverBlue administrator may permanent or temporary block of access or membership to this website and any violation against the R.O.C laws will be dealt in accordance with the law.
4. If users find or suspect any third party using your account or knows your password, and shall notify EverBlue website administrator and to take any necessary measurements.

Privacy protection for membership

Expect the following four conditions
1. Based on legal regulations
2. Required by any judicial branch or other authorized institute based on legal procedure.
3. In case of emergency, protecting the rights of other membership or the personal safety of the third party.
4. Any essential personal information about the cash flow or material flow of users about shopping, gift exchange behaviors.

Without obtaining the consent of users, any registered personal information (name, address, credit no., e-mail address and any other personal information proteEverBlued) will not be disclosed.

For the purpose of providing marketing, market analysis, statistics, research or exceptional service to customers, the consent of users, or strategic partnership, users agree that the data kept or stored in this website can be used without revealing the information stated above.

Property Rights

All rights relating to EverBlue site content, including but not limited the copyright, patent, trademark, business confidential, intellectual property right, ownership or other rights, belong toRESPECTIVE right owners. Users are not permitted to reproduce, transmit, modify, decompile in any form or make use of all website content of EverBlue. Any person who contravenes the provision, EverBlue reserves its right to compensation for all losses.

Potency of individual provision

In case of any or part of the provision is invalid; it shall not affect the validity of the other provision in this agreement.

Governing law

All rights and obligation between members and EverBlue shall be governed by Internet specification and the laws of the Republic of China.

Termination and Notification of membership

1. Any change related to the service content or terminating any membership, users will be notified by means of e-mail.
2. EverBlue website administrator will maintain the operation by reasonable methods and technology.
However, it does not apply to an act of God, natural disaster, a circumstance to which the EverBlue website administrator is not imputed, or force majeure which might lead to incorrect information given or being fabricated, compile, delete, derive, or causing a temporary error. EverBlue bears no compensation for the damage stated above.
3. When users decide to terminate his/her membership, please notify EverBlue website administrator via e-mail directly. The website administrator will revoke your membership as soon as possible and users will be notified when the membership is terminated.
4. Users are obligated to notify the EverBlue website administrator in regards to the cancellation of website membership and the membership rights to this website will be void after the termination date of membership (from the issue date of e-mail )

In order to prevent illegal circumstance occurrence which might lead to the loss of users’ right, we will reconfirm with our users about the cancellation of membership via telephone and to disqualify the membership procedure.